Tuesday, March 22, 2011

to the point

it got up to 75 degrees on friday (the joy! the ecstasy!) so AWD and i hopped on our bikes after work and hit the trail out to gravelly point to have a picnic and watch the planes take off.

fun fact: did you know that AWD and i met on a bike ride? that is a true story, and it is one way that i know AWD likes me for real. i was wearing bike clothes when we first met and he still called me afterwards. win.

back to friday, we ate delicious salads and played a little game where for every plane that took off, we made up a story about a person who might be on that plane. you know, like a woman flying home to iowa for her best friend's bachelorette party but she's totally depressed about it because she is in love with the groom. or like harry reid.

we stayed until it turned to dusk.

it was divine.

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PNRBAC said...

One of these days you are going to find an engagement ring in your water bottle holder or bike seat or hanging from one of your spokes. I'm callin' it right now.