Friday, December 3, 2010


if you want to maintain the holiday spirit and your love of thoughtful gift-giving, do not read this article. i mean, it's interesting stuff, but it is also totally depressing. and, i think, sort of untrue. i love getting, and giving gifts even if it is economically inefficient. so there.

if you want to laugh out loud and wish that you were surrounded by hilarious children all the time (is it just me?) by all means read this piece about letters from kids to michelle obama. a few of my favorites:

Dear Michelle Obama,
I think your husband should legalize immigration. Please put a statue of me in Echo Park. Thank you. J.K. No, really. I want a tuxedo on the statue.
— ANDRES ORTEGA, age 11, Los Angeles

Dear Michelle Obama,
Hi, we are 10 and 9 years old. We live in Boston. We hope you send letters back to us.
I think that you should shut down cigarette and liquor companies and try to keep drugs off the streets. Robots may be able to help you. We all appreciate your hard work to make America better.
— AIDAN SHEILL-LOOMIS, age 9, and NICOLAS ALLEN, age 10, Boston

i think those kids are really onto something with the robot suggestion.

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Mom said...

It seems a lot of these children are confusing Michelle Obama with Santa Claus!