Thursday, December 2, 2010


all year EH and i have been saying that we feel about three months behind. and wouldn't you know it but here it is december 2nd and the year is just about over. what in the world?

maybe it's the three-months-off thing, or maybe it's the fact that it was 60 degrees earlier this week and there are still leaves on the trees for crying out loud, but the christmas spirit has been a little slow coming around. i can't believe i am going to say this out loud on the internet, but a little snow might help.

but, since i don't control the weather (and since i will hate the snow literally the moment it starts to fall) here are some other plans to bring in the holiday cheer.

for starters (and this one is sort of cheating because it already happened), AWD and i saw the joffrey ballet perform "the nutcracker" at the kennedy center last weekend. nothing starts the holiday season off like "the nutcracker," if i do say so myself. it was a completely gorgeous production, and the grand paus de deux with the sugar plum fairy and the nutcracker prince made me cry. just saying.

numero dos. my mom sent me an advent calendar (only 24 chocolate days until christmas!) and the "glee" christmas album. i am very happy about both of these things.

three. i am going to decorate the house this weekend. i decided i wanted a silver christmas tree this year (if you are going faux, why not also go funky, right?) and i am going to sew us some stockings and maybe make this wreath. i really like having a house decorated for christmas.

fourthly. the office secret santa extravaganza starts next week. all i have to say about that is, if i am your secret santa you should be really, really happy. if i am not your secret santa, you should be really, really jealous.

fiver. lots of cookies and hot chocolate. and maybe some christmas movies. we currently have a TV on loan at our house, so we might as well take advantage of it. right? right.

sixthly, there are all kinds of awesome christmas things going on around d.c. and i fully intend to not whimp out about the increasingly cold weather and take advantage of as many as i can. this includes nightly prayers that aunt joyce will invite me to see the white house christmas decorations again this year. (aunt joyce, do you read my blog?)

what are you doing to spread the holiday cheer?


Evan and Holly said...

I really wanted to read your blog-but Kyle was awake and wanting something. So I asked him who was in your picture at the top of the blog post to distract him...The answer, "Jesus." I had to tell him that it was actually santa.

Kate said...

Recipe for instand holiday cheer: decorate a Christmas tree with a 2-year-old. The joy is contagious.

Popster said...

As you know, Paquita, I essentially view Christmas as an imposition on my time. So, to assuage my sense of ennui, I am going to Hawaii for a motorcycle ride, after which I can say that I have ridden in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.