Tuesday, August 31, 2010


it feels like some sort of mean trick that tomorrow is the first day of september, because i definitely feel like we are still at the beginning of summer. where did it go? and what the heck have i been doing? it remains something of a mystery, and a very unsettling one at that.

but, upward and onward we go and so i am trying to squeeze everything out of summer that i can. this weekend that meant starting off with a nationals game thanks to emily h. and NPR. none of our favorite radio personalities were on hand, but we did get awesome NPR baseball caps, and rebecca had her first ever ben's chili bowl chili dog, and i took the plunge and got the half smoke "all the way" (the same one obama orders, fyi), and even though the nats lost they hit a home run and stole home on a wild ball the catcher lost hold of, which might have been one of the most exciting things i have ever seen happen in a baseball game. maybe i jumped up and down and shouted until my throat hurt. maybe. plus, there were fireworks. and you know how we love fireworks at baseball games.

saturday athelia and i rode our bikes to the del ray farmers' market which was a pure slice of heaven, and we both got bold and bought a sprite melon. have you ever heard of such a thing? it's a cross between a honey dew and a pear (!) and it is pretty darn tasty.

then it was pool time (my first this summer. a crime!) and then shopping, dinner and a movie in bethesda with emily. we saw "get low" and we would recommend it.

and now i wish i had been doing all of those things all summer long. maybe it will stick around a little longer?


Susan said...

highly doubting the sprite melon is a cross of a pear and melon. those species definitely don't mate in the wild.

steve said...

get low = fantastic.

I'm glad we agree about it.