Wednesday, August 25, 2010

root, root, root for the home team

we crossed one of our favorite summer activities off the list this weekend with a trip to see the southern maryland blue crabs play.

the bad news is, they were totally schooled by the camden river sharks, due in large part to what can only be described as a completely boneheaded play in outfield by jamar williams that included tripping, dropping the ball and then throwing it to basically no one, all while the opposing team scored three runs.

i wanted to stand up and shout, "what is this? the minors?" but then i remembered that it was.

but the good news is, win or lose, minor league baseball is just about the most fun you'll ever have. and, win or lose, the southern maryland blue crabs put on a pretty great fireworks show. so we were happy customers indeed.

plus, i ate a hot dog.

dear summer, please never end.

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