Friday, August 2, 2013

showering love

one of the greatest fortunes of my life has been that, wherever i've been, at whatever time in my life, i have been blessed with kind and loyal and good good friends. some of them were friends for a particular time and season when i needed them most, and some have turned into my oldest, longest friends but they have all brought me so much goodness and learning and joy.

and so, even though showers can be a little bit of an awkward thing because you're basically inviting people to a party so they can give you presents, i sure do love gathering with my favorite people to celebrate life's happiest things. and that is exactly what my baby shower was.

miss angela and sarita bonita threw a gorgeous bash, and i just looked around and thought how lucky and happy i felt to have all those stunning people in my life, and how even luckier and happier i felt that  our little baby will have them looking out for her and cheering her on. they will love and protect her like they have loved and protected me, and i can't think of a better gift in the whole world.

in addition to defending my celebrity baby name game title (undefeated!), we all wrote down our wishes for baby girl. if all of those wishes come true, she will be the most successful, imaginative, confident, forgiving, disciplined, loving person who ever lived.

and i hope she is.

here are my wishes for her.

i hope you learn how to be gracious and forgiving
i hope you have confidence, but not conceit
i hope you never forget how much we love you
i hope you create safe spaces for yourself and others
i hope you respect yourself and your talents
i hope you become happy

love, mom 

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Popster said...

You have the photographic skills of your grandmother. What are the first word(s)?