Friday, November 2, 2012

sandy, can't you see, i'm in misery

the bad news about our hurricane sandy experience is that we lost power our basement flooded.

the good news is that we got our stuff out of the basement before anything was damaged and we had a hurricane day at EH's and a sleepover at bob and joyce's until the power came back.

which also means that we watched "dancing with the stars." i am not sure what category of news that fits into, so i'll just leave it neutral.

the aftermath is that this is our kitchen:

but, our power is back, the basement is dry and mold-free and now we have a reason to organize all the junk we had just tossed in the basement. so far i have uncovered letters from my old boyfriend, stupidhead john and my beloved hello, kitty alarm clock. who knows what other treasures lurk?

plus, i have an excuse to sing this song non-stop.

so, in the end, not a terrible hurricane.

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Kate said...

Happy to hear all is well. Happy basement organizing!